Organic corn flour for instant polenta

Ideal for stewed and roasted dishes

Corn flour produced with corn from our certified organic farming chain, pre-cooked at low temperatures to keep its organoleptic qualities unaltered.

With a medium grain size it is suitable for a richly flavored polenta in just 3 minutes.

Corn flour
500 g
Instant flours
Ideal for
stewed and roasted dishes

Product inserted in
AIC Food Handbook, ed. 2020

Nutritional values
(average values ​​for 100g of product)

Energy value

1504 Kj/ 100g

Energy value

355 Kcal/ 100g


7,9 g / 100g


1,9 g / 100g

of which saturated fatty acids

0,2 g / 100g


79,0 g / 100g

of which sugars

0,1 g / 100g


0 g / 100g

100% Italian corn, selected by our agronomists

Our Mill, between tradition and innovation

Our Mill, always open to innovations, has maintained a close link with the past and the peasant tradition: since 1853 thanks to the uninterrupted use of a stone grinder for a high quality for health and goodness, which do not fear comparisons.